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Faces & Spaces: Elba and SN6

“When you like nice environments, you create them everywhere,” says Elba Mueller, when complemented on her warm, inviting space upstairs at Jake’s Café. Today she sits at her desk in front of a beautiful vinyl library mural she ordered from Poland, aromatic oils are running gently in a small fountain by the window, a soft bittersweet-colored […] Read more

Faces and Spaces: Kurt and FN8

We at Jake’s have had the pleasure of exploring some of the spaces Jake’s members call home for our new “Faces and Spaces” series. And a great place to start is the office of Kurt Corneliesen, of KVC Capital Management. Walk with us through the main entrance, past the mailboxes, and just before you turn […] Read more

Jake’s Cafe. “Where’s The Beef?”

A few people have walked into Jake’s Café in Sheboygan wondering where’s the beef? … or the fries, for that matter. Rather than offering diner delights, Jake’s Café serves up a community of creative thinkers ready to collaborate with clients’ diverse needs. “It’s interesting when you take a problem … and present it to a […] Read more

Oct, 26, 2016