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Thoughts & Ideas

Funny Little Ideas

When Jake’s Cafe started nearly 7 years ago, we were fortunate enough to have on campus a young, budding industrial designer named Russell Meschler.  While he’s moved on to do bigger and better things, his openness, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit never left.   He had a way of making people feel safe….so they would open […] Read more

Jul, 20, 2017


Entrepreneurship Alive and Well

Jake’s member Mandy Tran, is teaching her two young daughters a little bit about entrepreneurship. She ought to know something.  She’s been an entrepreneur most of her life!  Mandy is an intellectual property attorney and actually works with companies nationwide. Last week, Mandy helped her daughters Kaolin Garrels (8 years old) and Casey (5 years old) […] Read more

Jul, 19, 2017


Faces & Spaces: Elba and SN6

“When you like nice environments, you create them everywhere,” says Elba Mueller, when complemented on her warm, inviting space upstairs at Jake’s Café. Today she sits at her desk in front of a beautiful vinyl library mural she ordered from Poland, aromatic oils are running gently in a small fountain by the window, a soft bittersweet-colored […] Read more